Saturday, May 24, 2014

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Keeping it real- 100% overwhelmed

Tonights midnight post comes to you courtesy of my completely overwhelmed mind. Before the end of the month here's what we've got going on:

-2 potlucks (thankfully I'm making the same thing and doubling it… take that 2 birds with my 1 stone)
-Host garage sale (necessary to do before school lets out because our house is in the path of 3 schools and I want to get all the mom/school traffic. I also have a FULL garage of things that need to be sold.)
-Assist a friend with a birthday party and host a gender reveal party (for two of my closest friends that are far more important than a busy month)
-Manage to keep the stuff I'm growing living… I've got 9 pots of strawberry plants that require daily watering and bringing in and out daily since it still freezes here at night. Also daily watering of all the grass seed I planted in order to make it grow.
-Trip to MN… necessary this month because its time to….. drumroll please……….
-Get new puppy (she's in MN) Yes our puppy will be 8 weeks old and we must go get her. I'm a little worried about this one. Advice??? Anyone?? Also should we name her Penny or Dixie?? (we get to pick one of these 3)
-Cut down side fence and reinstall at a lower height before I can...
-Paint house exterior. Yes, I need to get the entire exterior painted because we can overspray and not tape off anything if we get it done before the looming deadline of May 30th when we…..
-Get new windows installed!!!

On top of all that I've got my job that has a big statement due from me on the 21st, our adoption dossier is being assembled which requires additional running around for signatures and notarizations, AND I've got these two precious little boys that require my time, love, and attention.
Thankfully I've got great friends who have offered to help with the garage sale, lend me their painting and pressure washing supplies, as well as help with the boys. I've also got 5 days of VBS and an excellent babysitter working in my favor when it comes to the boys. 

So… if you start to wonder if I've fallen off the blog bandwagon, or if I'm ever coming back, the answer is yes. I probably will fall off for a few weeks, and I definitely will be back. In the mean time I'll be pot lucking, paint spraying, party hosting, puppy training, and more. See you in June (well probably a little between now and then, but not much).

My Makeup Realizations

Discolusre: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster

Until recently I was not a "makeup girl". I wore my eyeliner and mascara daily to hide the fact that my eyelashes are so blond they are practically invisible, but that was where it stopped. Occasionally I'd throw on some concealer or foundation, but I NEVER considered crossing the line into "real" makeup like blush, lipstick, or bronzer.

Then I discovered Mary Kay. Actually, they discovered my. One day on my doorstep came this adorable little box of makeup to "sample". I decided to give it a go, and now I'm a convert.
A Mary Kay convert who is never turning back.
Seriously… the eyeliner is like butter, and once it dries is doesn't go anywhere.

The mascara is the stuff of my dreams! One coat and it looks like I grew new eyelashes!

The blush and bronzer… well I realized they give me a more "grown up" look and some added confidence.
Since this little box arrived on my doorstep, I have gone a lot more "gutsy", trying things that I'd NEVER have considered before. I also learned a little about myself that I wish I would have learned a long time ago!
-When I'm wearing makeup I feel good about my face, which make me want to dress nicer too. It's a nice change from the typical routine of paint spattered torn clothing (don't worry though, I haven't given that up completely!)
-When I feel good about myself, it makes me feel better about life! Seriously… rather than keeping my head down and hoping to blend in I'm able to experience more. Rather than hiding from the camera I can hold my head up and smile! Rather than ducking around an aisle to nearly miss someone at Wal-Mart I can greet them with a smile. It may sound completely pathetic, but it's true!
-Even though I'm a "stay at home mom", it doesn't mean that I can't put a little effort into myself. My husband and I went on a date to celebrate 8 years together and wearing my new makeup actually made me feel like so long hadn't even passed! I think he appreciated me caring a little more about how I look too!
So, I'm not going to promise I'll always be wearing red lipstick! Or that I won't still run to Wal-mart or preschool pickup straight from the gym without ANY makeup on. Or that I won't run to the hardware store mid-project in my tattered paint splattered clothing. BUT… my new goal is that I make time for a little makeup in the morning when I'm getting ready, and take a little more pride in looking and feeling better about myself! Ultimately I need to outwardly express how I feel on the inside!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Auction House Yard Progress

Lately I have spending ALL my time working in the yard, hence the lack of blog updating. By the time I sit down at my computer at night I'm usually aching and exhausted. I wanted to share some Before and Progress (definitely not after) pictures with you all to show how far this sad yard has come.

The day of the auction this is what the yard looked like!
After taking possession of the house, this horrific evergreen shrub and the overgrown driveway were the first things we tackled:
Getting the evergreen shrub out involved an ax, lopers, a skid steer, and a lot of anger.
Removing Evergreen Shrub
 Then my role came which was removing TONS of rock and prepping it for grass seed. Of course I had help (as I do in every project).

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Midcentury Dresser Re-do without Sanding or Staining

*Disclaimer* This is not a sponsored post, I am just completely head over heels in love with my new discovery, "Restor-A-Finish"!
Midcentury Dresser Refinish Before & After
Recently I found a gorgeous Midcentury wood dresser for sale, and when I went to pick it up the girl selling it offered me this one for free!
Midcentury Wood Dresser with wood handles
It was in bad shape though. We're talking scratches, dried out wood, and it was VERY dirty.
Redo a Dresser without sanding or staining
It also had been attacked by a kid with a Sharpie.
Revive furniture with Restor-A-Finish

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Family Embrace Session with Broken Anchor Photography

I know I've told you about her before, but my friend Kathryn of Broken Anchor Photography is UNREAL.
In March she did "Mini-Sessions for Good" and chose our adoption fund as the benefactor of those sessions. She spent two long days giving of her skills, energy, and time and then even more time editing all those mini-sessions. As a result she was able to donate $1600 to our adoption fund! Again and again I have been BLOWN AWAY by our friends generosity towards this adoption. This child is already loved SO much.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Disconnect to Reconnect with a Pancake Topping Buffet

“I participated in a Blogger Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for the J.M. Smucker Company. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a to thank me for my participation.”
Fun Dinner Idea: Pancake Topping Bar
Cooking dinner with two tired and hungry little ones is a tough job. Sometimes I find myself so caught up in trying to get the meal on the table that by by the time I sit down to eat I'm ready to check out. Often I grab my phone and check texts and notifications. Matt also has a demanding job and it's rare to make it through a meal without work texts and calls coming in. As a busy family it's easy to forgot that dinner is more than just eating, but also important time to connect as a family.
The Power of Family Meals is proposing that families disconnect to reconnect at mealtimes. Disconnect to Reconnect is a movement to get families to unplug at the table. Power of Family Meals is encouraging families to gather around the table for meals without screens. Matt and I decided that this would be a good challenge for our family and we took the pledge to "disconnect to reconnect". For us this means no phones at the table.
Pancake Topping Buffet or Bar!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Building a Kitchen Pantry on a Budget

How to Build a Pantry for under $250
Last week I shared with you how our girl room closet was under construction, this week I'm sharing how I built us a new pantry! Recently I shared our kitchen gallery wall, part of why I shared it was because I was forced to take pictures of it and blog about it before I began deconstructing it! Yes… it's true. In order to make use of this space next to the fridge I had to remove half of the gallery wall.
Here was our pantry. It's a nice tall cabinet, but it's deep and narrow, which meant I was constantly losing things in the back and pulling EVERYTHING out of the cabinets to find things.
At first we planned on having a cabinet maker build a pantry cabinet to match our existing kitchen, but when we had one come out he quoted us $3,000 for a pantry in this space! We knew that wasn't going to happen so when we ordered the closet door for the girl room we also ordered one for a pantry.

Before Easter I demoed the trim, rearranged the gallery wall, and took down the crown molding. Then I waited and waited for Matt to have a day to build the new pantry, which just wasn't happening. Finally on a Saturday while he worked I decided to tackle it myself!

First I built a rectangular frame for the side and anchored it to the floor, wall, ceiling, and adjoining cabinet. Then I built a frame for the front wall with a door cutout. It was actually really fulfilling cutting everything perfectly and nailing each piece in place!
How to frame and build a kitchen pantry

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Keeping it Real- Closet Construction

Today's post has no pin-worthy images, the images are even cropped or edited. Today's post is me sharing what we're up to, and showing that progress isn't always pretty.

Here is what the boy's closet looked like in all it's glory. Overly full, no trim, sagging top shelf (poorly installed by yours truly), and no back wall with a direct view into the "girl room". Occasionally in the middle of the night the boxes on the top shelve would slide right off, crashing loudly and scaring us all half to death.
Here is what the girl's closet looked like. Much worse than the boys. At some point the boys closet was stolen from space in the girl closet, but the job was never finished. It was stuffed to the gills, had sliding doors that no longer slid, and if you could even see to the back of it you would see the 4 different colors of paint along with very damaged drywall. 
After 7 months of living here I decided to do something about it. First I removed the old "sliding" doors, track, and trim.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DIY Floating Shelves with Faux Rivets

This post brought to you by Elmer’s ProBond Advanced. All opinions are 100% mine.
DIY Floating Shelves with Faux Rivets
Yesterday I showed you how I staged the floating shelves in our bathroom. They were so popular that today I want to share how we built them! In our main bathroom the toilet was hidden in this nook and I wanted to add some character to this nook for a long time. 
I love the look of the metal on wood on our DIY barn door hardware and decided to bring this look into the bathroom. 
I started out by purchasing the following:
-Two 1"x10"x6's
-One 1"x2"x6'
-One 1"x4"x6'
-One piece of 1"x1/8"x6' metal
-Eight 5/16" hex head screws
-Eight 5/16" washers
-Elmers Wood Glue
Elmer's Pro Bond and Wood Glue